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May 01, 2002
The Tartan Lady has arrived on the Internet!
Pat Magee, owner of the Estuary House Bed and Breakfast, has been working with
Pacific Websites to make her Internet presence.
"I wanted to promote my tartan weaving
lessons," she said. "I had a website but it wasn't doing anything. No visitors, just a few enquiries."

This week several major search engines have started to list the website.

If you do a search for "tartan weaving lessons" on Google, The Tartan Lady's website comes
up in the top FOUR, and other websites list it on Number 5, 6, 7, 9, and 32.

Try it yourself: type "tartan weaving lessons" into the search engine Google:

Other keywords that have top listings for this website:
weaving lessons # 4 #5 #25
weaving instructions #2, #3
loom weaving #4, #16
loom weaving instructions #1, #2

"It's incredible. Just incredible," says Pacific Websites owner, Alan Pattinson, who
worked on the website. "It far surpasses even my expectations!"

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