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December 16, 2003
Websites Now Selling Locally
The Internet is Going Local.
A service business (plumbers, electricians, painters, car sellers, etc. etc.) will be found the same way as in the "old" days, except online. How many people with money have a computer? How easy is it to find a local plumber right away?

Your Website can be a Magnet for Local Customers. Look in today's news and you will find:

"Yahoo! To Offer Targeted Local Advertising"

"Google, Overture Gird for Local-Search Battle"

Google, Yahoo! & Overture -- where they go, the world will follow.

Cash in on the Shift from the Global Internet to the Local Internet.

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We at Pacific Websites love helping web owners who are informed about what the right ways are to generate income from the Internet with their websites.

Thank you.

Alan Pattinson

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