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June 08, 2004
Website Linking = More Visitors!
What is a linking program?

by Alan Pattinson

Interested in getting more visitors to your Web site? Have you considered setting up a linking program?

If done correctly, a linking strategy will not only attract more visitors to your site, it will help search engines believe that your Web site is more important, and they will reward you with higher listings. Higher listings in search results mean more targeted visitors. This, combined with visitors coming directly from other Web sites, is the double benefit of a linking program.

How hard is it to set up an effective linking program?

It is relatively easy to make pages of links. The value of this is limited to your Web site viewers. If you have other Web sites linking to your site, that is where the value lies. The best way to do that is to link to highly desired Web sites first, and then ask for a reciprocal link. This seems like an easy task, until one gets going on it.

The real get-down-and-get-dirty work is:

-- Finding appropriate Web sites from which to request links. One of the better strategies is to request links from the sites that link to your competitors.
-- Choosing Web sites that have a Google page rank and haven't been banned by them.
-- Organizing the links page so it has real value to visitors.
-- Making good descriptions for each Web site on the links page(s).
-- Finding the correct e-mail addresses.
-- Sending an e-mail that is personalized for the Web site.
-- Answering the responses.
-- Sending a second and "final" request, three weeks later, to the no-responses.
-- Removing the sites that have rejected the email, no response, or a "No thanks" reply.

The linking strategy's biggest feature is that its benefits last for years.

Want to see some examples of a links directory? A links page or directory is a great way to get more Web site visitors as well as raising the Web site's profile with the search engines. With the program we use, a directory can be created to blend with any Web site style. Here are some directories we have created:

Single page:

Multi-pages: (4 pages) pages).

There are many considerations to keep in mind when selecting which and how many Web sites to include. While it is relatively easy to create a page full of links, the work is in getting the other Web sites to agree to link back, which is of course the real value. Read more here:

We find that it takes reviewing about four Web sites for every one that passes our requirements, and agrees to cross-link. So for a 50-link program, we would meticulously sift through about 200 Web sites.

Promoting your Web site through reciprocal linking is one of the requirements of a successful Web site. Once set up, it goes on working for you, 24 hours a day, year after year. It is an excellent investment.

Alan Pattinson
President, Pacific Websites

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