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March 01, 2005
We are 'blown away' by the new features of Internet business Promoter
Pacific Websites uses this tool (IBP) for quickly making adjustments, submissions, optimizing, analyzing, and other necessities for effective promotion of our clients websites.

The latest version (March, 2005) has so many new features that we are exuberant about... We have to tell that we are excited by how these new features, along with the basic ones that have always been with IBP, make SEO much more automatic. It is still a big job to do SEO correctly (and effectively); this tool has now become indispensable!

Direct link to latest version's features

Internet Business Promoter (IBP) is a multi-award winning web site promotion software tool.
IBP offers everything you need to successfully promote your web site. IBP is a suite of 10 professional web promotion tools that help you with all aspects of web site promotion and search engine optimization. Here are some of it's main features...

Search Engine Submitter: Submit your web site automatically to all important search engines in 30+ countries using state-of-the-art technology.
Search Engine Submitter (semi-automatically): Submit your web site to search engines that require a validation code. The submitter is a semi-automatic tool.
Directory Submitter: Submit your web site to directories that don't accept auto-submissions. The tool is semiautomatic
Special Interest Site Submitter: This unique tool submits your web site to industry-specific sites. The powerful tool also improves the link popularity of your site. The tool is semiautomatic

Search Engine Ranking Checker: Easily check and track the positions of your web site in hundreds of search engines. View your ranking results as web pages, PDF, Microsoft Word, plain text, or export the results to databases or Microsoft Excel.

Top 10 Optimizer: Get professional advice on how to get top 10 rankings for a specific keyword on important search engines. IBP advice is based on the current search results—the advice is always up-to-date. The advice is even better than having an optimization expert at your fingertips because you get real-time advice.

Keyword Generator: Quickly find the right keywords for your web site and create keyword lists for your pay-per-click search engine activities.
Keyword Density Analyzer: Find out if you overuse the keywords on your web pages and risk getting banned by the search engines.
Search Engine Spider Simulator: See your web site through the eyes of search engines and learn which parts of your web site cannot be read by the search engines.

Create professional and customizable reports for you or your boss or sell them to your clients. You can save all reports as web pages (.htm), PDF, Microsoft Word, and plain text.

There are more time-saving features of IPB.

Direct link to latest version's features.

Alan Pattinson
A-1 Pacific Websites

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