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June 24, 2005
Incredible Results From Optimisation Efforts
Over the last two years, we at Pacific Websites have been working with the website of a hat seller. They sell baseball and sports hats, retail and wholesale.

In May, 2005, the number of visitors to the site hit an incredible 1,000 in one day. That is individual visitors, not "hits," which refers (strictly speaking) to a different measuring criteria.

The business owner is delighted. We at Pacific Websites are delighted. Customers are finding the information and products they are looking for.

Alan Pattinson, president of Pacific Websites, says "These results show that the search engine optimisation methods we follow continue to produce the desired results, at a reasonable cost. Actually, I am as much happy for my client as I am for myself, seeing such positive returns."

The high number of visitors was achived only through website optimisation techniques; there were no "Pay Per Click" payments.

A few of the keyword phrases that the client's website appears "at or near the top" on the major search engines are:

wholesale hats
sport visors
camo hats

(Look for in the results)

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More about the results.

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