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March 27, 2006
Website Discounts - 5% off !
Website Discounts - 5% off!
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We believe in quick-loading, easily navigable websites that SELL products or services. There are many website design companies that will build you a "nice" website. Building a website is not that difficult, but getting lots of qualified visitors that want to buy your product or service - that's where our experience and knowledge will pay off for you.

Several of our clients have had their websites created by other website design companies, but their sites got NO TRAFFIC and NO SALES. Their sites LOOKED pretty, but did not give results. After they started to use our services, the traffic to their sites jumped up dramatically. In one case, having only two online orders over 2 years switched to receiving 7 prepaid orders in one day!

The overall picture has to be taken into consideration before starting the creation of your site. The four main elements that we have found, through our real-case experience, that will make a successful website are:

You can have:

The Internet is a new medium and requires distinct skills. We have done it for other website owners and we can do it for you. Call us today.

NOTE: Discount is for current paid-up members of one of the following (in Courtenay or the Comox Valley):
Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce
Comox Valley Home Based Business Association
Comox Valley Women's Business Network

Professional services: Comox Valley website design, web design Courtenay, Website design company, web design company.

5% discount on any of these website-related services:

Discount does not apply to services or products outside of our control, such as, for instance,

We know how to save you money, while still getting the quality you want. Sometimes, the cheapest service or product is not a good idea. Phone us today for your free consultation. We're here to help you!

If you are shopping by hourly price - of course you can have a website created for a low hourly rate. You will spend less money. But why do you want a website in the first place?

If you want a site that helps your company make more money, then be sure you hire professional services, the people that know how to do the job correctly so you will benefit the most. A successful website involves a lot of different considerations; it is far more than a "pretty" website.

Contact us today to find out more.

"Helping Your Business Succeed Online"

NOTE: This offer may be discontinued at any time - call now.

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